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Sorry it took so long, folks
By Seth Peck 9/19/2005

So, here's how smart I am...the original version of the web application that works this site had the SQL Database Server IP address hard-coded. Then, one day last year, WebHost4Life changed the IP address for the database server. I didn't have the original code because I lost it during a format awhile ago, so I had to rewrite the entire application. So if you've visited this site any time since that time, up until recently, you would have seen nothing.

I have corrected this error and rewritten the application. I am also trying to add some other features, so we'll see what happens.

So, happy reading. Hopefully I'll update this site again soon.

NERO Weapons: Custom made, for sale
Help me pay for NERO events and this website!

I am now offering NERO weapons to be custom made. These weapons are guaranteed to pass inspection in any chapter. Prices are as follows (not including shipping if shipped outside of Colorado):
  • Small weapons (daggers, etc): $10
  • Medium weapons (short weapons, staves): $15
  • Large weapons (spears, long weapons): $20
  • Two-handed swords/blunts, polearms: $25

  • Every weapon will be custom-fit to your specifications in regard to length/width/grip. Special colors are also available for a few bucks more.

    I can also do magical weapon phys-reps. These I will put a little more effort into the hilts, customizing colors and permanent markings (flames, runes, etc) to reflect the nature of the weapon itself. This service is available for five bucks more.

    Custom-made dagger/sword sheathes are also available, made with strong cloth in a variety of colors and guaranteed to hold their seams under normal use. Buy two and take a buck off.
  • Dagger sheathes: $3
  • Shortsword sheathes: $4
  • Longsword/Spear sheathes: $5
  • Two-handed sword sheathes: $6

  • I also make sturdy, two-colored cloth pouches. These pouches have double drawstrings and are reversable. You choose the colors. Approximate sizes:
  • 4" x 4": $8
  • 7" x 7": $10
  • Custom pouches are also available upon request.

    I also have a bunch of pouches of varying sizes and colors/patterns already made. These all have one drawstring and are not reversable. Come see them, make me an offer of cash or NERO coins.

    For more details and/or a quote, email me with your needs.